Final Chance To Register For Cullotys Of Currovough Gathering

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A photo of Johnno and Bridget Culloty, Ballybeggan, part of an extensive exhibition of photos at Culloty gathering late this month.

THE organiser of a family gathering later this month is encouraging people with a connection to the Cullotys of Currovough to register to attend the event before this Sunday.

Mike Culloty has had a great response to his appeal to find relations to come to the event and one of them, Jenny Baldwin, is arriving from New Zealand this week for the gathering at Ballyroe Heights Hotel on Sunday, September 23.

For Jenny, it marks the fulfilment of a 40 year long dream to return to the place of her great grandmother’s birth in Currovough North Tralee.

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Mike Culloty.

Local organiser Mike Culloty has gathered a wealth of family information, photographs and an extensive family tree exhibit.

“It’s getting very exciting now as we close in on September 23rd. We have 90 people officially booked online for the event at this stage and I would ask all others intending to join us in Ballyroe to register this week through Culloty descendants from as far afield as New Zealand, South Africa, Anerica, Canada and England will be in attendance and engaging with all our local and national Cullotys from Kerry to Dublin, Cork to Kilkenny.

Another photo from the exhibition of Elsie Fitzgerald Culloty, USA.

“It will be great to meet with Jenny this week and finally have a face to face chat about everything we have both learned from one another and others on the topic of the family history of Currovough North. The family trees, the photo exhibit and the historical information will make it a day to remember forever,” said Mike.

The townlands of Currovough North, just a few miles north of Tralee town, are home to a branch of the Culloty family in Kerry that has survived and expanded over a verifiable period of almost 220 years, dating from 1799.

Nora and Michael Kelly, California.

Proceedings at the gathering will commence from 2:00pm and the official opening will take place at 3:00pm. Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, with special responsibility for Tourism and Sport, Mr Brendan Griffin, TD, will officially welcome all participants to the Culloty Gathering.

Pride of place will be taken by the display of Culloty Family Trees dating from 1799 to the present day, which will stretch 20 metres in length and 4 feet in width along one wall of the ballroom at Ballyroe Heights.

This display will be complimented by an exhibition of old family photographs collected specially for the event. Significant historical references to family members down through the years will also feature on the day.

Catherine Colloty born 31 Mar 1896.


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