Finnegan On Film: Guy Ritchie Back On Familiar But Fun Ground With ‘The Gentlemen’

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Our movie guy, James Finnegan, says Guy Ritchie’s return to the cockney gangster genre is great fun with the cast really enjoying themselves…

“The Gentlemen” is Guy Rtchie’s welcome return to the “Manor” of his signature sub genre of Cheeky Crafty Cockney Gangster after Hollywood blockbusters Aladdin (big box office) and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (oh dear!).

Micky Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) is a former Rhodes Scholar who has made millions on the back of his marijuana dealing, growing his product on the lands of the stately homes of Britain.

A welcome source of income for the landed gentry, but hopefully not what Harry and Meagan have in mind as a future option!

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Now middle-aged, he is looking to sell off his empire and retire to a life of luxury with his wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery). Interested buyers are Berger (Jeremy Strong) and Chinese mob leader “Dry Eye” (Henry Golding).

The Gentlemen

The story is told in a “film within a film” manner, by sleazy private investigator Fletcher, played with great relish against type by Hugh Grant, to Pearson’s right hand Henchman Ray (Charlie Hunnam) in a blackmail plot involving 20 million “quid” and a film screenplay.

It also allows a few jibes at the pretentiousness of the film industry including previous Ritchie productions.

There are plenty of twists and turns, double crosses and double-double crosses with clever misdirection, so stay alert.

The script is very funny, with the characters following their own moral code, but there is an undercurrent racial bias on their personal judgement of their “business competitors”.

The cast look like they are having a great time. McConaughey ordering “a pint and a pickled egg” sets the tone for the film right from the start, whereas Corkery has the best line in the film.

Unfortunately, the colourful metaphor makes it unsuitable for this publication, but within the context of this film, it is justifiable. Surfice to say, it is unlikely to be used in Downton Abbey by Lady Mary!

There is a peach of a performance by Colin Farrell as Coach, as he tries to keep a gang of young thugs on his version of the straight and narrow through his Boxing Club. It really is another comic gem by this multi-talented actor.

However, it is Grant playing the type of character of whom he so often complains in his personal life who gets his celluloid revenge – hopefully their reactions won’t exculate the problem. Enjoy!

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