Finnegan On Films: A Mixed Bag Of Movies To Entertain On Netflix

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As options for socialising at night begin to appear next week with opening of restaurants, James Finnegan takes a look at a mixed bag of movies to entertain on Netflix if you stay at home…

AS we move back towards what passes for normal life, this week’s selections from Netflix are just easy viewing.  Just sit back, go with the flow and enjoy.

Babe is a wonderful film that appeals to all ages. Using a seamless combination of real and animatronics, Babe is an orphaned piglet won in a “Guess the Weight” competition by Farmer Arthur Hoggett, played by James Cromwell.

Babe is innocent, naive and, after been let loose on the farm, unintentionally causes havoc and destruction.

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Housed with a family of the Collie dogs — Rex, Fly and their adorable puppies — Babe begins to find his way around the family and its varied citizens.

He learns the secrets of the animal world, and discovers a hidden talent that makes him stand out beyond the farm.

With a melodious voice over by Roscoe Lee Browne, this is the better of the two Babe films and I am just warning you, there may be something in your eye by the end of it.

There was a time when Will Smith appeared to be in every film that was released.  To be fair, he had some stunningly successes. He was very personable in them and in the relentless round of promotional interview shows around them.

In Hitch, he plays Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a professional Dating Consultant with a 100% success rate. His latest client is Albert, played by Kevin Smith, who has fallen for Allegra (Amber Valletta), a seemingly unattainable celebrity.

Meanwhile Hitch has fallen for Journalist Sara (Eva Mendes), but for some reason, his secret “techniques” do not appear to be working quite so well for himself.

This is not a film that is going to change your life, but it is fine for a weekend viewing, and is not without its humorous charm, particularly in the tuition of Albert.  Does it end well?  What do you think?

The final selection this week is that rare film, a prequel and a sequel, at the same time.

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again is the companion piece to the film, stage musical and songs of Abba in Mamma Mia.

All the previous cast return – Meryl Streep (Donna) Pierce Brosnan (Sam) Colin Firth (Harry) Stellan Skarsgard (Bill) as the complex romantic partners, Julie Walters (Rosie) and Christine Baranski (Tanya) as Donnas lifelong friends, and Amanda Seyfred (Sophie) and Dominic Cooper (Sky) as the next generation.

Strangely, the addition of the younger versions of the characters, particularly Lily James as Donna, just adds to the fun.  Throw in some extended cameos by Andy Garcia and Cher and what could have been a self indulgent mess actually enhances, in my opinion, a better script and story than the first film.

Perhaps because this is the second trawl through the substantial Abba songbook, this trip from Oxford to Paris to the Greek Islands is simply joyous, with the cast obviously having a ball. Enjoy, and stay safe!

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