Fireworks Seized En Route To Tralee As Gardaí Urge Safety For Halloween

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beige garda symbolGARDAI seized fireworks, believed to be en route to Tralee, last Friday when a van was searched in Farranfore.

A vehicle was stopped and searched and and €350 worth of fireworks were seized. A file has been sent to the DPP and a prosecution is foreseen according to a Garda source.

Otherwise it has been quiet in terms of fireworks seizures and use.

“The main thing is the eggs at the moment. Mainly young people firing them at each other on the streets,” said the Garda.

The Gardai are urging shopowners not to sell large quantities of eggs to young people as it is thought that they’re not planning on cooking a giant omelette, but are meant for more nefarious purposes.

The Gardai have issued some tips for young people and parents in the run up to Halloween…

Tips for Halloween

  • If you see material such as pallets or tyres being hoarded in advance ring the County Council to have it collected or contact Gardai.
  • Do not throw items onto illegal bonfires or firework displays near your home. It is not an excuse for people to dispose of rubbish.
  • There will be organised bonfires stay a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks- wind can carry sparks long distances.
  • Parents should explain the dangers of illegal fireworks ad bonfires to children and teenagers.
  • If you see an illegal bonfire get out of hand ring 999 or 112 and ask for the fire brigade immediately.
  • Parents, businesses and householders do not provide any materials for bonfires.
  • Keep pets indoors on Halloween night as fireworks may cause distress to animals.

Tips for parents- trick or treating

  • Stay with children and escort them on “Trick or treat” visits, parties and events.
  • If children dress up in dark clothes, add reflective material so that they can be clearly seen by motorists or cyclists. Reflective jackets available in all Garda Stations.
  • Only fire resistant material should be used for costumes.
  • Keep dangerous substances such as oil, petrol and diesel away from fires or fireworks.
  • Always stay in groups; never trick or treat on your own always stay with family or friends.


  • If parents discover that your child or teenagers have bangers/ fireworks please remove them and hand them into your local Garda Station.
  • If you have any information relating to illegal importation/ sale of fireworks contact and Garda Station.
  • All fireworks cause injury even sparklers burn at more than 2,000 oC. Injuries may result from being too close to fireworks when they explode.
  • Dozens of children were left with serious burns and hand injuries last year most children were aged between 10 and 12 years.
  • It is an offence for any person to possess a firework with intent to sell or supply without licence.
  • It is an offence to throw an ignited firework at any person or property.
  • It is an offence to light unlicensed fireworks.
  • The penalty for these offences is a fine up to €10,000 or 5 years imprisonment or both.
  • The simple possession of fireworks without a licence is also an offence liable to a fine up to €10,000.

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