Fitness: Advice For Weight Training And What’s The Best Day To Exercise?

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Michael Ryan 1Michael Ryan of RnR Fitness in Tralee answers some common questions about exercise and fitness…

Q: What time is best of day for exercising? I don’t seem to have enough time for it?

A: There is no right or wrong answer to your question as everyone is different both emotionally and physiologically.

Some people are morning people and have more energy in the morning to complete a workout; others have the necessary energy at other times of the day.

It all comes down to personal choice, preference and the availability of your time. What I recommend is to make a definite plan on your weekly timetable, and explore the areas and times of your day to which you can dedicate and prioritize time to an exercise session.

However, don’t just put exercise at the end of your priorities with regards to making time for it. If getting in shape and exercising is a top goal and ambition of yours, then merely just “squeezing it in” anywhere you can, will simply not work.

We on only achieve our goals through commitment and dedication geared towards that goal. Anything less than that will merely develop that ambition slowly into an afterthought, if it’s a priority then make it one.

Q: As a beginner in the gym what size weight should I be trying to lift?

A:  This is a multifaceted question, and again when it comes to fitness and exercise, what works for one person will not work for another.

There’s no one size fits all weight size that is best for beginners, as one person can genetically have a higher or lower basic strength line, depending on a variety of physical factors.

The size of weight you use will also be highly dependent on your goals, skills, past fitness experience, etc. I recommend choosing a weight size that provides fatigue after 8-12 repetitions.

Once you become comfortably with handling the weight with correct posture, form, technique etc. you can adjust the weight according to your changing strength levels and fitness goals.

Q: How often should I exercise the same muscle group within a weekly time frame and how do I break up different muscle groups per workout?

A: I recommend 24-48 hours rest and recuperation between exercising the same muscle group before exercising it again.

The reason for this is: the muscle only gets fitter and stronger during the rest phase of a programme as during the exercise the muscle fibres are actually destroyed and weakened, and only repair properly with adequate rest.

You may also suffer from a term known as “delayed onset muscle fatigue” and your muscles will have soreness which may prevent you from exercising it until it has subsided.

To answer the second part of your question I recommend breaking your programme into three parts. I would train the chest and back one day, Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders another day, and finally dedicate one whole session to your lower body and legs.

By following this protocol, you are working antagonistic muscle groups and this will help ensure you do not prioritize one muscle group over another which can lead to muscle imbalance and unbalanced physique.

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