Five Things Tralee People Can Give Up (Or Do) For Lent

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It’s Lent! And Gavin O’Connor has a few alternatives to giving up chocolate and drink over the next 40 days…

The pantheon that is the Island of Geese.

The blackspot of bad driving that is the Island of Geese.

1. Bad Drivers, please give up the Island of Geese Roundabout

If you’d like to see a live example of Darwin’s ‘survival of fittest’ theory in action, rock on up to the ‘Island of Geese’ any rush hour  and watch the shocking driving and bewilderment unfold.

Here’s a tip: if you don’t know that traffic coming from the right has the right of way, that isn’t your cue to don a kamikaze headscarf and roll straight through the roundabout like a nutjob.

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2. Austin Stacks fans, be nicer to ‘Naries’

This is more an all year round suggestion given the Rock’s defeat last Sunday. The Stacks fans have been incredible, but it might be worth noting if you really ‘hate no-one’ maybe publicly taunting your nearest and dearest neighbours about your success is not the way to go.

I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, there’d be none of that stuff from the blue side of town…ahem!

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3. Give up throwing litter on Castle Street late at night

The concentration of fast food joints on upper Castle Street can be a good thing for revellers searching for a post-midnight feast.

But some nights you could seriously slide down Castle Street with all discarded leftovers and litter.

Find a bin guys, it’s good for everyone…alternatively, give up fast food for the month!

4. Give to the Soup Kitchen

Sometimes looks can be deceiving and a lot of people in town are struggling to put food on the table, the Soup Kitchen next to St John’s Church on Ashe Street is a vital resource to some of those less fortunate.

The Soup Kitchen will accept non-perishables and if you give them a call they’ll even come collect them for you. Get in contact with them on: 086-3188736.

5. Give up the evening’s telly

With the evenings beginning to stretch and hopefully most of the more debilitating weather behind us, the outdoor life is looking a bit more attractive.

Arise from winter hibernation and maybe take an hour stroll each day to clear the head. Many of us take  the beautiful scenery right on our doorstep for granted. Let’s get re-acquainted with it.

You can Skyplus the soaps or the football!

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  1. Des O Connell says:

    Re Island of Geese roundabout. The issue with this roundabout is that the marking on the road is not in the centre of the roundabout. It needs to be redrawn.