Foley Calls For Seasonal Workers To Get Extended COVID-19 Payments

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Norma Foley.

FIANNA Fáil TD for Kerry Norma Foley says thousands of seasonal workers and those over 66 should be included in the newly extended COVID-19 payments.

Deputy Foley says Kerry will be hit harder than many other county because of its high profile tourism sector, which has been shut down as a result of the Coronavirus restrictions.

“There are thousands of seasonal workers in Kerry, who are now finding themselves in an extremely precarious financial situation with no income and no supports from the State,” said Deputy Foley.

“In any other year, the peak tourist season would be underway and additional staff would be working in our pubs, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions.  They’re now at home without a job and without any money coming in.”

“I find it incredible that seasonal workers were left out of the COVID-19 pandemic unemployment payment.  These people pay taxes and contribute to the economy but they have been shut out of the support system through no fault of their own.  This situation is particularly stark here in Kerry, with so many seasonal workers earning the bulk of their income over the summer months.”

“People over the age of 66 find themselves in the same situation as a result of the age restriction on the payment scheme.  I appreciate that they can apply for the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme but there appears to be no valid reason, other than age discrimination, for them to be excluded from the pandemic unemployment payment.

“I welcome the fact that the government has announced that it will extend these payments beyond the original June timeline, but I believe seasonal workers and those aged over 66 should be able to qualify for the pandemic unemployment payment, particularly when seasonal work is such a huge economic driver in this county, and it has been effectively wiped out by the pandemic restrictions this year”, concluded Deputy Foley.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    FIANNA Fáil TD for Kerry Norma Foley says foolish words.

    This race against the virus is a marathon not a sprint and avoiding national economic poverty.

    If nations like Ireland keep sprinting on like this, they will be in for very hard economic times to come!

    Sweden’s economy will not suffer in the future unlike Ireland and other foolish nations who are over responding and not politically managing with reasonability and genuine care for this citizens.

    How Sweden is Responding to the Coronavirus | with Johan Norberg: