Four People Recused By Fenit Lifeboat At Weekend

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Fenit RNLI Lifeboat saved the lives of four people responding to a late night mayday call for assistance in Tralee Bay.

The volunteer crew of Fenit RNLI responded with full efficiency to the call following an urgent request for assistance by the Irish Coastguard late on Saturday night.

Urgent assistance was required for a speedboat carrying four people which was taking in water very quickly.

The vessel was approximately 1.5 miles west of Samphire Lighthouse, located in Tralee Bay. The boat had left Castlegregory earlier and was on its way to Fenit Harbour when the incident occurred.

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The All Weather Lifeboat with a full crew arrived at the scene within a very short time.

There were four people on the pleasure boat who were assessed very quickly and were in a position to transfer from the vessel onto the lifeboat safely and securely by the crew.

At that time the vessel was partially submerged in water but with those rescued being cared for on the lifeboat, the crew were in a position to attach a tow rope and bring the vessel back to Fenit Harbour as part of the rescue.

The lifeboat and all persons returned to Fenit just after midnight on Sunday morning.

The relief at the outcome of the callout was very evident amongst the those rescued and crew when all involved walked up the gangway leading from the lifeboat to the station.

Lifeboat Operations Manager, Gerard O’Donnell commenting on the rescue said; “we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the rescue. Those rescued are safe and well which is the RNLI mission firstly. The rescue was executed effectively and efficiently and from an operational point of view this is what the RNLI is all about. This rescue was in fact the collaboration between a number of the rescue and emergency services and the outcome obviously has brought huge relief”. As always, Gerard also urged people to be as prepared as possible when going to sea and if there is ever any doubt about safety to either dial 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.”

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  1. Bairbre Cunningham says:

    I participated in a swim by Kerry head to Ballyheigue on Sunday. Thank you for your cooperation!!