Garda Statistics Reveal Decrease In Kerry Crime In First Quarter Of 2021

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THE latest data on crime in the county was revealed at the Joint Policing Committee meeting held online on Friday afternoon.

Kerry Division Chief Supt Eileen Foster gave a rundown on the crime statistics for the first quarter of 2021, based on data available on the Garda PULSE system as of April 22 of this year.

It showed the categories of Property Crime (-26%), Crimes Against The Person (-13%) and Criminal Damage and Public Order (-29%) were down on the same period in 2020, while Drugs and Offensive Weapons incidents saw a slight increase (+1%).

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With regard to the Property Crime category, burglaries were down 77%, from 53 in Jan-April 2020 to 12 this year. Thefts of and from vehicle incidents fell by 53%, thefts from shops were down 2% (100 to 98) while theft of other property were down 24%, from 50 to 38 incidents.

In the Crimes Against The Person category, assaults causing harm fell by 45%, from 31 incidents to 17. Minor assaults decreased 5%, 74 incidents down to 70.

With regard to the Criminal Damage and Public Order category, criminal damage incidents fell by 5%, from 76 to 72, while public order incidents fell by 33%, 134 to 90. Drunkenness offences fell by 43%, from 103 to 59.

In the Drugs and Offensive Weapons category, possession of drugs for sale or supply detections were up by 88%, from 16 to 30 while possession of drugs for personal use incidents fell by 15%, from 119 to 101.

Intoxicated while driving incidents fell by 35%, from 63 to 41. ‘Material Damage Only’ traffic collisions were down 33%, from 242 to 163, while ‘Non-Serious Injury’ traffic collisions decreased by 55%, from 33 to 15.

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