Gardaí Advise Public Not To Join Long Queues Outside Supermarkets

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GARDAI in Tralee are advising the public that the grocery shops are not closing and there is no need to form large queues outside supermarkets.

The advice comes after gardai received a number of calls this morning about people concerned about social distancing in queues outside supermarkets in the town. The queue outside one supermarket in town was over 100 metres at one stage.

Gardaí say there is no need to queue on footpaths for long periods as these supermarkets will be open again tomorrow, the supply lines are secure and there will be plenty food in the shops for the coming weeks and months ahead, so there is no need to bulk-buy.

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The same scenes as this morning occurred over two weeks ago when the first measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 were announced by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

But people quickly realised in the days and weeks that followed, that the shelves were restocked every day and there was no danger of supermarkets running out of stock. Queuing for long periods with people in close proximity only increases the chances of the virus spreading.

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  1. Yeah but what about all the kids etc that are out in estates are there gonna be guards in estates.too