Gardaí Advising Retailers To Beware Of Fraudsters

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beige garda symbolGARDAI are appealing to businesses and cashiers to be vigilant about people changing large sums of money.

Retailers – in Tralee and around the county – have been hit by a spate of people fooling cashiers into handing over hundreds of euro from changing the note denomination of large sums.

One is example is, fraudsters are asking cashiers to change €300 of €50 notes into €2o notes and then midway through the transaction asking them to change it back.

This has the effect of confusing the person behind the counter, into giving the fraudsters more money than they were given by the fraudster.

There have been a number of cases across the county where, shops are being hit at peak times when they are busy so its generally not until later they find they are a few €100 short.

Gardai have caught a number of people in the act and are currently investigating CCTV footage from businesses. They are also appealing to people who think they may have been hit by this scam to get in contact with them.

The number for Tralee Garda Station is – 066-7102300.

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