Gardaí Investigating Theft Of Ladders

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garda_1GARDAI are investigating two separate incidents where ladders were stolen.

The first incident happened at a business premises on upper Rock Street between February 17-19.

The ladders were taken from the roof racks of two company vans which were parked opposite the premises.

The second incident happened on the night of Wednesday, February 19, going into the early hours of February 20. In this case seven ladders were taken from the side of a private house.

The ladders are described as, two roof ladders, one two-piece ladder, two 24 foot ladders, one 20 foot ladder and a 12 foot ladder.

Gardaí  are seeking for information on the incidents and for people to be wary of any ladders being sold at a knocked down price.

If you have any information about the theft, call the Gardaí in Tralee on 066 71 02300.

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