Gardaí To Patrol Popular Gathering Point For Teenagers During Rose Festival

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The tree near the Brandon carpark which is a popular meeting point for teenagers during the festival.

GARDAI in Tralee will be cracking down on underage drinking during the Rose of Tralee festival this weekend and are urging parents of teenagers to be vigilant.

Speaking on the ‘Talkabout’ programme on Radio Kerry on Monday afternoon, Garda Cathy Murphy said some of the behaviour exhibited by teenagers in the past has been “appalling”.

She said they will especially be patrolling the area around the big tree off Ivy Terrace, near the entrance to the Brandon carpark.

The tree and the hill nearby is a popular meeting place for teenagers during the festival as it is adjacent to Birds Funfair.

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“We want people to be safe and we want parents to take responsibility and warn their children of the dangers that are out there. Some of the behaviour can be quite appalling. We’ve had parents come down in previous years and had a look and they said ‘I can’t believe what you have to deal with’. It can get out of control at times,” said Garda Murphy.

Last year Gardaí closed off the Park area at midnight to coincide with the funfair closing and that made the crowd disperse.

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  1. I am a teenager , not being biased about my comment because “I want to drink” etc.. but the Rose Of Tralee festival is the only attraction for teenagers in Tralee , there is nothing for us except the aqua dome and cinema (both arent cheep). I feel like letting us have a bit of fun once a year isint as bad. The guards in this town are unfair in my opinion , they want to cut down on underage drinking but yet do nothing about adults getting polluted in the town park almost every day. Adults are the ones that set an example for kids , if adults do it in broad daylight , causing noise, bugging teenagers and families then why cant we do it?