Gathering In The Square In Support Of CervicalCheck Scandal Victims

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A GATHERING will be held in the Square, Tralee from 5pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday, May 30 in support of those affected by the cervical check scandal and by screening misdiagnoses.

Organisers are asking that people wear red on the day. It’s part of the Standing4Women movement which is holding a protest at the Dáil on Wednesday

The organisers have outlined their policy aims as follows;

1. Immediate improvement in transparency of smear test process. Results to be published on online Cervical Check portal, accessed through registration process using PPS details, and flagged if they are sent for audit.

2. There should be penalties for those who do not adhere to the strict guidelines posted in the transparency section above.

3. We are asking for a thorough review of the HSE from the top down. We ask that changes are made, solutions are found and all of this information is made public.

4. Annual report on laboratory performance, both in Ireland and UK. Set international guidelines for audit of cervical screening.

5. Mandatory Open Disclosure Re-introduce legislation re mandatory reports. Partner with INMO and other interested healthcare bodies to lobby for the prioritization of this legislation

6. HPV Testing.Introduce HPV testing alongside all cervical smears.

7. Introduce National Strategy for Women’s Health

8. Begin country-wide consultation programme with the aim of delivering a National Strategy for Women’s Health. This could look at a multitude of areas – cancer, gynaecology services, maternity services, sexual education, breastfeeding support.

9. Support for women affected by late diagnosis due to normal screening errors

10. Implement a programme for all women who received a late diagnosis of a cancer (both retrospectively and prospectively) following an erroneous smear/mammogram. This programme to include financial support (GP card, etc) and access to innovative medicines that may not yet be reimbursed. This access will act as an improved chance of survival after missing years of potential treatment.

11. We are asking that both current patients and families of those who have passed away have access to a multi-disciplinary team to comprise of –  1. Psychiatrist, 2. Psychologist, 3. Occupational Therapist, 4. Social Worker, 5. Family Therapist.

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