Government To Invest €62m With Kerry County Council To Reduce Housing List

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Deputy Arthur Spring welcomed the news of the investment by the Government to reduce the housing list in Kerry.

THE Government have announced they are to invest €62m with Kerry County Council in a bid to reduce the housing list in the county by 26%.

It is planned that 1058 social housing units will be delivered by the local authority by the end of 2017.

Overall, a total of €62,028,669 is to be invested in Kerry County Council from now until 2017 to enable it to increase the numbers of social housing units that can be acquired or built in the county.

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Details of the new Build, Buying & Leasing Programme were confirmed by Environment Minister Alan Kelly today and outline the plan to significantly reduce the numbers of people on housing lists locally.

Speaking this morning, Kerry North/West Limerick Deputy Arthur J. Spring said: “This announcement has been made possible by the €3.8bn social housing strategy secured by Minister Kelly at Budget time,” said Deputy Spring.

“Today we are seeing the fruits of this strategy trickling down to local level with confirmation of social housing targets that have been set for Kerry until 2017.

“Each local authority was asked to bring forward housing unit targets and specific building projects out to 2017. As part of the strategy, targets had to be agreed with each local authority in 2015.

“We have a housing problem in Kerry but in Minister Kelly we have someone who is determined to tackle the crisis head-on. To this end I have been working closely with him to ensure that our local area gets its fair share of funding and today’s announcement proves that.

“I look forward to seeing the social housing dividend of this investment and trust it will have a substantial impact on the housing needs of the local area,” he said.

Today’s announcement will see over €1.5 billion  invested in a combination of building, buying and leasing schemes by local authorities designed to accommodate 25% of those currently on the housing waiting lists in social housing.

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  1. I’ve not seen any houses given away yet or built in Castleisland,
    I need my shed that is built onto my house fixed as it is falling apart & condensation along with the hardboard on the ceiling is dripping water & the bricks are crumbling away at the top of it with dampness,I asked for help before but was refused, I’m now living in it since 1984 and still no help I firmly believe there was never any felt on it atall.
    Also with electrical things in it, it is dangerous, We are now in 2016 and nothing has been done in any way.