Healy Rae Wants Assurances On New Orthopaedic Facility For UHK

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Deputy Michael Healy Rae

DEPUTY Michael Healy Rae TD has called on the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly to give University Hospital Kerry (UHK) the vote of confidence to proceed immediately with the planned construction of a new Orthopaedic Clean-air theatre.

The Kerry deputy said he still has grave concerns over the commitment following a Parliamentary Question placed to the Minister in relation to Orthopaedic operations in UHK.

Despite the resumption of a number of services since early June 2020 UHK, Michael Healy Rae still feels that the “A & E, when it comes to orthopaedic cases, will be nothing more than a dressing station and a referral unit to refer the patient to somewhere else to have the necessary procedure that they require to be carried out.”

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While welcoming the fact that since June 2020 that a number of services have recommenced in UHK, Michael Healy Rae feels that there still has been no concrete promise of a new orthopaedic clean-air theatre despite it being mooted by the Minister as going to a design stage.

“University Hospital Kerry for all intents and purposes is shut down completely with regard to doing orthopaedic operations,” said Deputy Healy-Rae.

“I cannot believe that I am witnessing such a downgrading of our hospital in our county and I want to know why are you Minister allowing this to happen under your watch as it is an absolute thundering disgrace. We have an excellent hospital, we have excellent surgeons, we have excellent nurses and we are not been allowed to carry out the hip, knee and other operations that we require to be carried out.”


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