Here’s How Much Kerry Players Have Won On Winning Streak Over The Years

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Sinead and Marty from Winning Streak.

IT’S a big weekend for the National Lottery as they celebrate the 1,000th show this Saturday night.

Angela O’Sullivan from Killarney will be the 233rd Kerry person to appear on the show over the past 28 years.

In fact, the 232 Kerry players have won the seventh most money in prizes since the show began in 1990 taking home €6,347,968.

However, when it comes to the highest average prize won per player, Kerry features in 23rd place at €27,480, well behind Kilkenny in 1st place at €34,530 per player.

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More than €168 million has been won by 5,925 players on the game show on RTE One since it first launched more than 28 years ago, figures released today by the National Lottery reveal.

The popular programme, one of Europe’s longest-running game shows, is celebrating its 1,000th episode this Saturday and has featured 5,925 players since it first aired on September 21st 1990.

The top five luckiest counties by appearances are:

Dublin – 1,044 players winning a combined €29,139,734.
Cork – 573 players winning a combined €17,619,767
Galway – 346 Winning Streak players winning a combined €9,336,018
Donegal – 283 players winning a combined €7,421,147
Limerick – 266 players winning a combined €7,956,136.

The top five luckiest counties by highest average prize per player:

Kilkenny – average win of €34,530 per player
Wicklow – average win of €33,030 per player
Cork – average win of €30,750 per player
Leitrim – average win of €30,607 per player
Westmeath – average win of €30,395 per player

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