Here’s What The New Kerry Jersey Looks Like

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THE new Kerry GAA jersey was launched today in the Kerry GAA Store.

A number of inter-county players were there to model the jersey which will be worn by county teams over the 2018/2019 seasons.

The jersey was designed by former Kerry player Paul Galvin.

Speaking about the jersey, Chairman of the County Board, Tim Murphy said; “We are, I believe about to enter another very exciting era for Gaelic football in Kerry.

As part of our overall vision for the future we believe the Kerry Jersey to be an integral part of our proud football history and tradition which inherently reflects who we are as a people and what we stand for.

On that basis I invited one of our former greats – Paul Galvin to work with O’Neill’s in designing an authentic Jersey reflective of this tradition while also addressing the issue of number visibility. On behalf of everyone associated with Kerry GAA I wish to sincerely thank Paul for his expertise and input.”

Describing the jersey, Paul Galvin said; “The new design is inclusive, rich in storytelling and strong in identity. Inspired by the iconic 1985 Kerry jersey, the deep green and gold base with white trims was essential to re-connecting with Kerry’s identity while also helping to implement part of the County Board’s vision for the future in addressing the issue of number visibility for supporters. The rich color base and re-positioning of the number upwards provides greater definition and visibility of the numbers on the back. The slightly longer sleeves offer points of difference and style.

We hope that past players will recognise the new jersey as a symbol of respect, that current players will wear it as a symbol of pride and identity and that future players will want to wear it. It was an honour to work on it.”

The jersey is available exclusively from the Kerry GAA store for next ten days.

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