Here’s What Judges Said About Tralee In Latest IBAL Report

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TRALEE is deemed Clean To European Norms in the latest Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) report by An Taisce released this morning.

Tralee came in 23rd place out of the 40 towns and cities assessed, down from 17th in the January results. Killarney fell from 2nd to 22nd in the league.

The report stated it was a solid performance by Tralee with no seriously littered sites. They aid a “miscellaneous site on Mitchel Street” which was heavily littered last year has since been boarded up and fared somewhat better but was still somewhat littered.

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Tralee Town Park was described as  “a lovely environment, with so many different aspects and features within, all in very good order. Work continues along The Mall, but this didn’t impact in any negative way on the litter situation.”

Here’s what the judges said about various areas around town…

Prince’s Street Car Park: Grade A. Great care has been taken with the presentation of this car park, enhanced by plenty of colourful planting, seating and trees. It was a very clean site.

Tralee Town Park: Grade A. A wonderful town park environment with many different elements and features e.g., rose garden, community garden, garden for the senses, playground, walking trails etc. It has been very well cared for and respected by the users. It was exceptionally clean and fresh throughout.

L2010 Ballyard Road: GradeA. An exceptionally freshly presented route with roadsurface, markings and signage in very good order. Tree planting and pedestrian pathways were well maintained.

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The Mall: Grade A. Work continues apace at this town centre site, but this didn’t impact in any negative way on the litter situation. Paving, seating, bicycle parking, street bins, planting, bollards etc. were all in excellent order. Despite plenty of ‘outdoor dining’, there was a virtual absence of litter throughout The Mall.

Milk Market Lane: Grade B. Some parts of this laneway were definitely fresher in terms of painting and presentation. Other stretches had broken pavement, graffiti, derelict premises and food related litter, with heavy levels of cigarette butts.

Clothing Bank, SuperValu Car Park: Grade B. A more thorough approach to cleaning is required to tackle this clothing bank. Items had been stuffed beneath and to the side of the clothing units.

R556 Approach Road: Grade B. A variety of food related litter items were scattered about but the overall impression at a couple of isolated areas was poor e.g., at a derelict house behind a steel barrier and the temporary plastic road fencing which lay on the ground – both of these areas were littered.

Clash Industrial Estate: Grade B. Most of the individual premises were fine with regard to litter but it was the communal grass areas, especially between the fence and the business which were littered. As well as the usual food related items there were plastic ties on poles. There was an abundance of signage relating to businesses within the industrial estate.

Derelict site on Mitchel Street: Grade B. This was a very poor site when last included in IBAL litter survey in 2020. It has since been boarded up (works taking place) and while this presented well, there was a definite litter presence along the base of the boarding.

R875: Grade B. A striking sculpture dominates Clashlehane Roundabout and the surrounding area was generally well presented and maintained. Main litter items included coffee cups, cans, sweet papers and plastic ties on poles.

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