Here’s What The Latest IBAL Report Said About Tralee

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TRALEE has improved its status to ‘Clean’, according to the final litter survey of 2018 by business group Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL)

Back in October, it was deemed ‘moderately littered’ and in 34th position, but is now ‘Clean To European Norms’ and in 30th place out of the 40 towns and cities surveyed by An Taisce.

Just under 90% of towns surveyed were deemed clean, a slight improvement on the previous year, with Athlone (2nd) and Killarney (3rd) finishing just behind Fermoy in first place.

The An Taisce report on Tralee stated the following…

“It is great to see an important town like Tralee reclaim Clean status with a much improved showing. Top ranking sites included Ashe Street, Pairc an Pairsag and Denny Street – these were well presented and maintained.

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It was noted in Tralee that Rock Street was much improved on previous IBAL litter surveys and just missed getting the top litter grade.

Milk Market Lane was a site of two halves – the laneway section was in much better order with regard to presentation and litter with the murals and planting certainly enhancing the appearance.

The road section of Milk Market Lane was poor with regard to litter and presentation. By far the most heavily littered site in Tralee was the Car Park in Godfrey Place – clearly somebody is claiming ‘ownership’ of same by charging for parking but the area was in a dreadful mess with regard to litter.

Approach from Dingle:  Grade A. This route into Tralee was particularly good with regard to litter ‘the best in a number of years’.

The Square:  Grade A. The paving and overall presentation of ‘The Square’ was excellent, creating a very fresh impression.  Spherical bollards, bins and tree planting were also in very good order.  There was a virtual absence of litter throughout.

Killarney / Limerick approach to Tralee:  Grade B+. There was a small amount of litter along this road.

Pairc an Pairsaig:  Grade A.  All aspects of the area surveyed were in very good order in terms of presentation and maintenance e.g. seating, bins, planting etc.  ‘Garden of Contemplation’ is an attractively presented and maintained feature within the park.  It was excellent with regard to litter.

Denny Street:  Grade A. The overall impression along Denny Street was a positive one with a virtual absence of litter. Visitor information notice board was in good order and presented well.

Ashe Street:  Grade B+. The paving along Ashe Street was very fresh in appearance.  Area was further enhanced by attractive street lamps and low lying planter boxes.

There was some casual discarding of litter (cans, fast-food wrappers, coffee cups and sweet papers).  With a little extra care and attention this could be a top ranking site.

Recycle Facility at SuperValu Car Park:  Grade B+. Most of this recycle facility was in good order but there was the very deliberate discarding of cardboard boxes and bags – not much effort is required for this recycle facility to get the top litter grade.

Rock Street:  Grade B+. Rock Street was much cleaner than previous IBAL Surveys.  Some of the footpaths were uneven and in poor condition.

Much of the litter was food related with some ATM dockets, and heavier levels of cigarette butts and chewing gum – perhaps the provision of more butt units and bins would help.

Milk Market Lane:  Grade B. This site was a site of two halves – the laneway was very good with regard to litter and the murals and plant boxes looked very well along the lane.

On the other hand, the roadway had definite litter presence, most notably heavy levels of a variety of food related items.  Wooden pallets and graffiti were also a feature along this stretch of Milk Market Lane.

Godfrey Place – Temporary Car Park:  Grade C.  Clearly somebody is claiming ‘ownership’ of this site by charging for car parking with all signage relating to same in very good condition.

The maintenance of same was very poor with heavy levels of a wide variety of litter to the rear and along the perimeter of the car park.  A corner site was particularly poor with regard to litter.  This site will only deteriorate further if not addressed.

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  1. I’m glad this shows Tralee must do better. Also dog poo tackling has failed in the town. A warden needed for fines.