What The IBAL Judges Said About Parts Of Tralee Surveyed

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AS we told you yesterday, Tralee came 31st out of 40 towns / cities in the latest Irish Business Against Litter survey.

The town is still deemed to be ‘Moderately Littered’ as improved by just two places from their 33rd placing in September.

An Taisce judges had good things to say about The Mall, Kerry County Museum, among others while the car park at Godfrey Place was the main site letting the town down.

The judges report below has a lot of positives and negatives and the grades of each area of town they visited…

• Rose Garden:  Grade A.  There was an overall improvement at the Rose Garden and this time around it was deserving of the top litter grade, but only just.  It was generally clear of litter with the bins, visitor information notices, pathways and shrubberies in good condition.

• Recycle Facility in SuperValu Car Park:  Grade A. This recycle facility presented very well and created a positive impression for anybody using it.  The bins and paving immediately surrounding the recycle bins were in good order.

• Approach Road from Dingle:  Grade B.  There was a variety of litter along this road, especially the closer one got to Tralee.  Weeds were also particularly noticeable.

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• The Mall:  Grade A. Extensive works are almost complete on making The Mall a pedestrianised environment.  It was looking very well with paving, bicycle parking, seating, street bins and bollards in excellent order. All in all, The Mall looked very well.

• Rock Street:  Grade B. With a little extra care and attention Rock Street could easily get the top litter grade.  The litter was most pronounced closer to the centre of the town.

• Castle Street, Upper and Lower:  Grade B. Most of the litter along this street was small in size with some slightly larger items e.g. plastic bottles.  It was noted that all the litter bins were along Castle Street Lower, with none on Castle Street Upper.  There were some litter awareness stickers on the bins but they were in very poor condition and barely visible.

• Miscellaneous Site on Godfrey Place:  Grade C. There are two sites side by side, one of which was derelict and one was being used as a car park – it was the car park area which was included in the IBAL survey.  There was a constant stream of heavy levels of a wide variety of litter around the perimeter of the car park.  Weeds were very pronounced and the general presentation was poor with uneven car park surface and paint peeling from the walls.

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• Kerry County Museum:  Grade A. The front of Kerry County Museum was looking very festive with a large Christmas Tree and several wreaths / greenery on the front windows.  There was a virtual absence of litter in the surrounding area.

• Maine Street:  Grade A. Maine Street has scored well.  The road surface, markings and signage were in good order and the overall impression created here was a positive one.

• N22 Road from Killarney:  Grade B. A moderately littered rod with a variety of food related litter.  Coffee cups, plastic bottles and sweet papers and plastic bags were most pronounced.

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  1. Interesting to see exactly what needs doing. Active litter warden approaching town from Killarney and dingle too!