INMO Staff In KGH Emergency Department To Take Strike Action Next Month

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KGH BiggerMEMBERS of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), working in the Emergency Department in Kerry General Hospital and in all of the country’s hospitals, have voted for a campaign of industrial action, including strike action, in protest at continuing overcrowding and inadequate staffing levels.

In the recent ballot, over 92% of members voted in favour of taking industrial action, involving the withdrawal of labour.

The INMO has served formal notice on the HSE and all relevant health service employers, that the campaign of industrial action, which will involve strike action, will commence on Tuesday,  December 15.

In keeping with the agreed health service protocol, the INMO is providing three weeks’ notice and will be indicating its availability to agree contingency measures.

However the INMO Executive Council has ratified a campaign as follows:

• This will be a national campaign involving all of the country’s Emergency Departments;

• each hospital to establish a strike committee immediately;

• strike action, will begin on Tuesday, 15th December 2015, and will initially involve  action in a number of Emergency Departments on a simultaneous/rolling basis;

• further days of strike action will take place, involving remaining Emergency Departments, again on a simultaneous/rolling basis, in the New Year; and

• the campaign will, ultimately, involve a nationwide strike involving all of the country’s Emergency Departments.

The exact location and timing of the strike action, on the first day, will be advised to the HSE in our formal notice to them.  However the strike action will involve all members, with the exception of a standby emergency response team, requiring the hospital, effectively, to go off emergency call.

This campaign of industrial action, the INMO say,  is being taken as a last resort and after 10 years of discussions and broken promises.

Speaking this morning INMO General Secretary Liam Doran said: “This action, which will involve strike action, is being taken, in recognition that overcrowding will continue requiring special, sustained, measures to be introduced, in our Emergency Departments, to safeguard patient care and the health and wellbeing of staff.

This campaign is also necessary as a direct result of the failure, of government and health service management, over many years, to recognise this overcrowding crisis and to allocate the necessary resources to properly address it.

Our members will no longer tolerate having to go to work, every day, and face constant overcrowding where both the care of patients, and the health and wellbeing of staff, is compromised without anyone, in authority, seeming to recognise the consequences.

Members have had enough, we know patients have had enough, and it is now up to government, and management, to address these issues, in dialogue with us, if this campaign of strike action is to be avoided”.

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