Inspired Tea Morning Raises Hundreds For Rosemary Day Centre

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Kay McNamara of the Rosemary Day Centre, receives a cheque from Inspired. Photo by Dermot Crean

THE participants at Inspired at Friary Lane were delighted to hand over proceeds of a recent fundraiser to the Rosemary Day Centre.

The members of the group held a tea morning last month and raised a total of €410 as Maree O’Connor, a co-ordinator with the group, explained.

“One of our participants, Sinead, suggested that we host a tea day for the Alzheimers Society and they put a lot of effort into the event. Our ethos in Inspired is about helping other charities in the community to promote the ability of people with disabilities.”

Nurse Manager at the Rosemary Day Centre, Kay McNamara, thanked the group.

“We’re very appreciative of the effort of the Inspired Group. It’ll go to our Rosemary day care centre in Tralee which is provides care for people with Alzheimers Disease.”

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