Is It Time To Remember The Forge At Forge Cross?

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The Forge Cross Roundabout as it looks now.

YOU may have noticed that the roundabout at the Forge Cross has seen a bit of landscaping in the past couple of weeks.

New shrubs and plants have been set in the small stones there and in time we hope these will grow to make the roundabout look more aesthetically pleasing.

However, it was pointed out to us by a local resident — Louise Cole of Barbereile barber shop on Russell Street — that, despite the name, there is nothing to mark the fact that a forge existed near the roundabout.

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The site of the old forge after it was cleared away years ago.

The old forge was obviously a hive of activity in the early/middle part of the last century but it had long been closed before it was demolished and later the road was widened for the roundabout to be put in place.

Louise suggested perhaps moving the statue of the blacksmith in the Town Park to act as a centrepiece of the roundabout, as it would make more sense there and mark its historical significance.

The limestone sculpture of a blacksmith called ‘Draíocht an Ghabha’ was sculpted by Fred Conlon in 1998 and is located near Siamsa Tíre at the moment.

The blacksmith sculpture near Siamsa Tíre.

Just last year a monument was moved from the roundabout in Leith outside Tralee into the Town Park to mark Neil Armstrong Way, so there is precedent for this type of thing.

It’s not a bad idea as it would be a shame not to remember that part of our heritage and it would be a striking image for people coming into the town.


  1. Henry Lyons says:

    I suggested to my former colleagues in IT Tralee that a giant horse shoe be located at the roundabout end of the pedestrian path planned from the Forge Cross Roundabout to the front of the ITT buliding.
    This would be a larger version of the arch at the entrance to Listowel Town Park complete with holes for nails etc.

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    The idea of the blacksmith in the Town Park to act as a centrepiece of the roundabout is a wonderful idea.
    Good for Louise 🙂

    Talking about roundabouts:
    One of the most breathtaking sculptures of Tralee ( the rose ) has never been placed on its roundabout over by Manor West retail park, it is just cast aside the road ( N70 ).
    Kerry County Council not placing the rose sculpture on the roundabout for which it was commissioned is nonsense.
    Also why the development of a third entrance on the ( N70 ) to Manor West retail park is being blocked by Kerry County Council is another nonsense!
    The amount of traffic that would use that entrance would alleviate the congestion of the badly designed and hence accident prone ( too narrow ) Castlemorris roundabout.

    A politician would want to do something about the rose sculpture and third entrance to Manor West retail park!

  3. Mick Coote says:

    Great comment by Louise the roundabout needs to reflect a forge and thanks to Jim funucane getting the roundabout revamped with some of his council money allocation