Just One Count To Go After Cleo Murphy Eliminated

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Green Party’s Cleo Murphy.

GREEN Party candidate Cleo Murphy has been eliminated after the seventh count at the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre this evening, leaving just one more count to determine the destination of the fifth and final seat in the Kerry constituency.

The seventh count distributed Brendan Griffin’s surplus of 1,758 with 535 going to Fianna Fáil’s Norma Foley and 452 transferred to John Brassil. This leaves Foley with a 2,446 lead over her party colleague with one count left to go. There were 353 non-transferable papers.

Cleo Murphy of the Green Party received 418 transfers and as the candidate left with the lowest amount of votes, she is now eliminated. Her transferable votes will now be distributed among the two remaining candidates in count eight.

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Earlier this afternoon, Danny Healy Rae (Ind) and Brendan Griffin were reelected to the Nail, joining Michael Healy Rae (Ind) and Pa Daly (Sinn Féin) were elected last night. Here’s the result of the seventh count…

• Micheal Healy Rae (Independent) — ELECTED 16,818 

• Pa Daly (Sinn Féin) — ELECTED 15,733 

• Brendan Griffin (Fine Gael) — ELECTED 14,703 

• Danny Healy Rae (Independent) — ELECTED 13,000 

• Norma Foley (Fianna Fáil) — 10,128 ( 535)

• John Brassil (Fianna Fáil) — 7,682 (452)

• Cleo Murphy (Green Party) — 6,229 (418 ) ELIMINATED

• Mike Kennelly (Fine Gael) — 4,419 ELIMINATED

• Norma Moriarty (Fianna Fáil) — 4,217  ELIMINATED

• Sonny Foran (Aontú) — 1,404 ELIMINATED

• John Bowler (Irish Freedom Party) — 640 ELIMINATED

• Ted Cronin (Independent) — 544 ELIMINATED

• Sean O’Leary (Independent) — 60 ELIMINATED

Electorate: 116,885

Total Valid Poll: 78,209

Invalid Poll:  543

Quota: 12,945

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