WATCH: KDYS Launch Campaign To Help In Fight Against COVID-19

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A still from the video.

KDYS with a group of teenagers from Kerry and Italy have launched their own campaign to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

They have created a video with an important message for their peers and for all people, pledging their commitment to the cause and they are calling on all young people to do the same.

Their campaign is to observe physical distancing and all of the measures in the HSE guidelines in order to keep us safe and curb the spread of the virus. The campaign is called: #ImInAndImStayingIn and they have released a video (below) to explain what they are doing.

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Their message is about doing your part to protect yourself and others in the fight against Covid-19. They want people of all ages, in all countries to be safe and to think of others through their actions.

The KDYS are asking people to watch and share the video where they ask people to pledge ‘I’m in and I’m staying in’.

Send them your pledge via their social media sites using the hashtag #ImIn&ImStayingIn & #KDYSHeroes – it can be an image, message, comment.

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