Keeping Up A Time-Honoured Tradition At The US Masters

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WELL you have to keep some traditions, don’t you?

I mean it’s been going for, oh, a whole six years now, so I mean it wouldn’t be the same sitting down to watch the US Masters without a Kerry jersey flashing across our screens.

It all started in 2012 with this lad.

A Kerryman at the Masters in 2012.

Followed by this guy in 2013.

The Kerryman 2013 edition.

Continued below…


2014 was this man’s chance to shine…

A Kerryman in the background in 2015.

2015 was a disastrous year when no green and gold jersey appeared on our screens and the novelty storywriters nationwide panicked, thinking the trend might be over.

But Alan MacSweeney from Killarney proved our saviour in 2016.

Alan MacSweeney from Killarney shadows Dustin Johnson in 2016.

Last year this fashionable young man was keeping tabs on Rory McIlroy.

Last year’s hero.

And step forward this year’s model (bottom right of screen), tweeted by RTE Golf yesterday. Who is he and will he get in a proper shot on our screens in the next couple of days? The tension is unbearable…

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  1. I actually saw 2 men in Kerry Jerseys standing behind the 16th tee box at one stage of the tournament.I live in the states and was watching it on CBS and it showed them as clear as day.I am ready to go next year and wear my Kerry Jersey Ha Ha.Maybe Rory will have a better round on Sunday next year.