Kerry Payments To Poor Box Accounts For 40% Of Money Collected Nationally

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Kerry Circuit Court on Ashe Street. File photo.

IT has emerged that Kerry defendants contributions to the court poor box accounts for around 40% of the amount collected nationally last year.

A total of €883,527 of the €2 million paid out nationally came from court sittings in the county and mainly under the direction of Judge James O’Connor.

The majority of the money went to international charities. A number of local charities such as the Kerry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, the Alzheimer Society and Kerry Respite Care did benefit, but received sums that paled in comparison with charities at top end of the list.

Sightsavers International and The Christian Blind Mission both received €120,000, from the poor box which is used for the majority of first time and minor offences.

The poor box was used over 1,000 times last year and mainly at District Court level. Judges decide which charities benefit from system.

Last year, plans were put in motion to overhaul the poor box system, but as of yet nothing has been carried out.

Full list of Kerry courts poor box beneficiaries…

• Sightsavers International, €120,000
• The Christian Blind Mission, €120,000
• Ethiopia Aid, €90,000
• Oxfam Ireland, €40,559
• Action Aid Ireland, €38,000
• Bothar, €35,000
• The Irish Red Cross received, €33,800
• Vita, €32,000
• Gorta, €31,500
• Plan, €20,000
• Trocaire, €20,000
• Unicef Ireland, €20,000
• Concern, €11,000
• Breadline Africa, €10,000
• Self-Help Africa, €3,000
• The St Vincent de Paul Castleisland, €2,000
• Men Overcoming Violent Emotion, €500
• The Alzheimer Society in Tralee, €250
• The Kerry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, €200
• Kerry Respite Care, €200
• Federation for Victim Assistance, €200

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