Kerry Centre To Hold Events For National Volunteering Week

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KERRY Volunteer Centre will participate in National Volunteering Week 2019, which takes place from May 13-19

The main message Kerry Volunteer Centre wants to convey is that volunteers need to be minded and valued.

Volunteering Development officer, Siobhan Johnston has organised an amazing set of free workshops that have been designed to empower volunteers and enhance their wellbeing.

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Additionally, 2019 marks an historic year for volunteering in Ireland as the Government develops the first ever national volunteering strategy.

The strategy has the potential to progress and enhance volunteering in Ireland. One area the strategy will focus on is developing a definition of volunteering, which currently doesn’t exist in an Irish context.

“Volunteering is an intrinsic part of Irish life. It affects us all whether or not we are volunteers ourselves,” according to Volunteering Development Officer, Siobhan Johnston.

“National Volunteering Week aims to showcase the scale of volunteering in Ireland and inspire people to volunteer but this year we want to go even deeper. To help Kerry Volunteer Centre understand what volunteering looks like for different people we spoke to our local volunteers who support charities and community projects all around Kerry. National Volunteering Week is the perfect chance to thank volunteers, share their stories and recognise the impact they have on organisations and communities across Ireland.”

For those ready to get involved, Kerry Volunteer centre hosts a list of free events from the 13th – 19th May in collaboration with Jigsaw, NEWKD and the National Learning Network. Click here to see the events.

If you are feeling inspired to Volunteer or would like to attend any of the forthcoming events then why not call Siobhan at Kerry Volunteer Centre on 066 7117966 or find out on the website how you too can get involved in volunteering locally on

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