Kerry Makes Top Three In The World In Travel Website’s ‘Bucket List’ Destinations

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KERRY is near the top of many travellers bucket list destinations according to a new survey by a popular global travel website.

Big 7 Travel, which has an audience of 1.5 million, has announced the official list of the ‘Top 50 Bucket List Destinations 2019’ and Kerry comes in at N0.3, beating such iconic cities as New York, Paris and Rome.

Following on from sample survey results of their 1.5 million social audience,  they found that Bali, Indonesia, came in at No.1, with New Orleans, USA at No.2 and Kerry at No.3.

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Of Kerry they note; “All the way west in Ireland is one of the country’s most scenic counties. Kerry’s mountains, lakes and coasts are postcard-perfect, and that’s before you add in Kilarney National Park. The unique small towns such as Dingle add to its charm. It’s no wonder Kerry is so many people’s dream destination.”

You can see the full Top 50 list by clicking here, but this is the Top 15 bucket list destinations 2019;

15th. Paro Valley, Bhutan

14th. Rome, Italy

13th. Edinburgh, Scotland

12th. Dubrovnik, Croatia

11th. New York, USA

10th. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

9th. Dubai, UAE

8th. Cape Town, South Africa

7th. Paris, France

6th. The Maldives

5th. Sydney, Australia

4th. Marrakech, Morocco

3rd. Kerry, Ireland

2nd. New Orleans, USA

1st. Bali, Indonesia

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