Kerry Sinn Féin Cllr Slams Danny Healy Rae Drink-Driving Comments

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Kerry Sinn Féin Cllr Damian Quigg.

SINN Féin Cllr for South & West Kerry Damian Quigg has stated that the recent comments, in relation to drink driving, of Danny Healy Rae TD are totally irresponsible.

Deputy Danny Healy Rae made comments last week saying “two glasses or three glasses of Guinness did not cause an accident for anybody.”

Cllr Quigg said that “anyone who is considering having a few drinks should make prior arrangements for travel to and from the destination of which they are going, consumption of alcohol reduces your reaction time and impairs your vision, this is a scientific fact, many studies that have been carried out will indeed back this up.”

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Cllr Quigg who is a member of the retained fire service in Kerry and has seen his fair share of both fatalities and injuries through persons being under the influence of alcohol.

“It is nonsense to suggest that it’s ok to drink and drive, maybe Deputy Healy Rae should travel on a fire truck to one of these accidents involving people who have consumed alcohol or with an ambulance crew who are treating the casualties involved, I think if he did he would reconsider his position in relation to the comments he has made. Drink driving is being used as a political football and is quite frankly a reckless action and I strongly take issue with Danny Healy Rae’s comments.”

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