Kerry TD’s Alternative Solution To Minister’s Driving Licence Proposal

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Deputy John Brassil.

FIANNA Fáil TD for Kerry, Deputy John Brassil, has written to the Road Safety Authority to establish if the agency can devise a driving licence app which would override the need for people to carry their driving licence with them at all times.

Deputy Brassil put forward the idea in response to a proposal from Minister Shane Ross, which could see drivers automatically receiving three penalty points for failing to produce their driving licence if stopped by a Garda.

The current law allows Gardaí to use discretion and in the majority of cases, drivers are given 10 days to present to a Garda station with their licence without incurring a fine.

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“Shane Ross’s proposal is completely over the top and will penalise drivers unnecessarily.  There could be a range of simple explanations for a driver not having their licence on them, but this blanket penalty will needlessly punish drivers.  It’s just another example of Minister Ross making legislation on the hoof, without thinking it through,” said Deputy Brassil.

“We should be making life simpler for good drivers and I believe we should be looking at alternative solutions to the current hard copy driving licence. In this digital age, I believe it should be possible for the RSA in conjunction with the National Driver Licence Service to devise an app that people can have on their phones – in essence a digital version of their driving licence.

“Most people carry their phones with them when out and about so it makes sense to be that a driving licence app could be used, which would make it much easier for drivers to ensure that they have their licence with them. I have written to the Road Safety Authority and look forward to engaging with them on this issue”.

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