Kingdom Knights’ Rally Raises Funds For Kerry Hospice

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The Kingdom Knights presenting the proceeds of a fundraiser to Kerry Hospice on Friday. Front from left; Mary Shanahan, Bridget Long, Mike Browne, Joe Hennebery, Mary Browne and Helen Nash. Back from left; Peter Gunn, Emmett Rumgay, Nicky Sheehan, Petrina Comerford, Mick Broderick, Dora Broderick, Emma Long, Noreen Collins, Sarah Collins, James O’Connor, Darren Long, Sharon Browne and Stephen Dunlea. Photo by Dermot Crean

MEMBERS of a local bike club were at the Palliative Care Day Care Unit on Friday to present the proceeds of a recent event to Kerry Hospice.

The Kingdom Knights which has about 20 members, invited bikers from all over Ireland and beyond for a rally at Banna Beach Hotel and raised €1,500 for the charity.

“We held it in Banna at the start of October. It was a big rock night with bikers from all over the country and England and Wales,” said Mike Browne, who explained his mother Hanna was in palliative care and many of the lads in the club would know people who were cared for there.

“We’re really appreciative of the efforts of the lads,” said Joe Hennebery of the Kerry Hospice Foundation. “€1,500 is a great contribution and they were saying they might do something again for the hospice next year.”

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