Latest Crime Figures Show Rise In Number Of Assaults In Kerry

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THE latest figures from the Kerry Garda Division has shown a 26% rise in assaults from January to May this year compared to the same period in 2017.

The crime stats for January to May of this year were revealed at a Joint Policing Committee meeting in Kerry County Council on Friday.

They also showed a slight rise in property crime and criminal damage and public order, while drugs and offensive weapons detections were down.

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Burglaries fell by 12%, from 131 in the Jan-May 2017 period, to 115 this year. Theft of vehicles rose to 18 from 11 last year while theft from vehicles fell by 23% from 47 last year to 36 this year.

Thefts from shops fell by 8%, from 199 to 184 this year, but theft of property rose by 44%, from 78 in 2017 to 112 this year.

Assaults causing harm rose from 49 last year to 58 this year and minor assaults were up 31% from 110 to 144.

Criminal damage cases rose by 35%, from 91 to 123. Public order offences were down slightly from 292 to 282, but drunkenness offences were up from 206 to 214.

When it comes to drugs, possession of drugs for sale or supply was up from 40 to 42 but possession of drugs for personal use was down from 197 to 175.

Cannabis herb is still the major drug of choice with 168 seizures, there were 41 cocaine seizures, 25 of Benzodiazopines, 18 of cannabis resin, 15 of amphetamines and 13 heroin seizures in the Jan-May period.

Chief Supt Tom Myers said they had a number of successes when it came to heroin seizures and a number of offenders, mostly non-nationals, have since left the country. He said they are targeting heroin dealers as the supply in Kerry is significant.

Possession of offensive weapons detections were down by three from 16 to 13.

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