Lidl Report Shows €1m Was Invested In Local Suppliers And Partners In Kerry Last Year

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ALMOST €1 million has been invested in local suppliers and external partners in Kerry by Lidl Ireland in 2019.

The news comes as Lidl launches its 2019 Impact Report, detailing the positive economic and social impact that the company has made within the communities it serves throughout Ireland.

There are 111 people employed directly in Lidl’s seven stores in Kerry. Lidl’s community partnership with FoodCloud not only provides local charities with donated meals and in-kind donations but also works to reduce food waste.

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In 2019 the national partnership diverted 230,699 kgs of food from being sent to landfill and saving 738,237 units of CO2.

Kerry equated for almost 4% of this total, diverting 8,262kgs of food from landfill and saving 26,437 units of CO2.

In 2019, Lidl entered into the fourth year of partnership with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA).

In Kerry, six LGFA clubs benefitted from new jerseys and sports equipment through the partnership. Many more clubs look set to benefit from Lidl’s support in 2020 through the recently launched One Good Club programme, a youth mental health and wellbeing programme for LGFA clubs across the country.

Donations to Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health peaked in 2019, with shoppers in Kerry raising over €10,160 for the charity through a range of local and national initiatives fundraisers including Superhero Saturday, Lidl’s Got Talent, Jump for Jigsaw and The Bakery and national initiatives such as One Good School and One Good Club.

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