Images Show Where The Lightning Hit Kerry Over The Past Few Days

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A graph from Met Eireann shows where strikes have landed in the last 24 hours.

A graph from Met Eireann shows where strikes have landed between Sunday midnight and Monday midnight.

KERRY has been getting some serious rain over the past few days and judging by the Met Eireann and Irish Weather News images here, it looks like the country got a battering from lightning as well.

There were several lightning strikes in the Tralee area during the hours of 3am and 4am on Monday morning according to the Met Eireann graph.

Although despite the heavy rain last night, Tralee was lucky to escape the worst of the weather in Kerry.

Strikes and winds caused damage in the west of the county with many homes going without power today, though all are expected to be restored this evening.

With forecasts not looking too positive we won’t be seeing the last of the bad conditions anytime soon.

This morning, Met Eireann issued a weather warning and put the country on yellow alert.

The national forecaster is predicting thundery showers across the south and mid-west which will gradually extend to other areas of the country throughout the morning.

With the showers expected to continue on into tonight, Warnings are in place for localized spot flooding nationally.

The image below shows South and West Kerry got a serious battering from lightning over the past 24 hours.

Are ye all alright over there?


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