Local Authority Needs To Build More Houses Says Tralee Area Sinn Féin Candidate

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Cathal Foley.

SINN Féin local election candidate Cathal Foley has said that local authorities need to get back to what they did best in the past by building social and affordable housing.

Mr Foley – who is running in the Tralee Electoral Area in the local elections which take place on this Friday, May 24 — said that the housing crisis in Tralee was one of the main issues in this election.

He said: “There is no doubt that the lack of social and affordable housing is one of the main issues in this election campaign. That is quite clear from the numbers of people coming through our constituency office in Tralee and from people we meet on the doors. This is putting pressure on families and communities.

“Unfortunately, this government has failed to address the crisis in any serious way. They have continued the failed policy of allowing the market dictate, but the market cannot fix this problem. Only a major social and affordable housing build and other serious measures will address the kind of numbers waiting in towns like Tralee.”

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