Local Supermarkets Taking On Extra Staff During COVID-19 Crisis

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TRALEE Chamber Alliance is informing people who may be facing temporary lay-offs due to business closures in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, that local supermarkets may be taking on short-term staff.

In a post issued earlier today on the Chamber Alliance facebook page, they stated; “All local supermarkets and our partners in¬†Retail Excellence¬†have asked us to put a call out to the tourism, hospitality and non-essential retail sector who may, unfortunately, be facing temporary layoffs at this time.

Essential retail sectors including supermarkets, pharmacy and petrol stations have a need for short-term staff.

If your company is in a position to redeploy staff, or you know someone willing to take up a short-term role, please call in-store and ask to speak with their HR Managers.”

Supermarkets have been extremely busy for the past week as the public reacted to uncertainty as a result of the crisis. Supermarkets have reassured the public that that supply lines are intact and there is no danger of shortages.

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