The Loss Of Barry’s Bakery Is A Sad Time For Tralee

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The doors closed at Barry’s Bakery on Saturday.

IT was with great sadness that we heard the news of the closure of Barry’s Bakery on Rock Street yesterday.

Barry’s sliced pan, the pan loaf and the vanilla slices in particular, were synonymous with growing up in the town and the news about the loss of 20 jobs is especially devastating.

A statement from Barry’s Bakery – in which they thanked their hardworking staff, family, suppliers and loyal customers – attributed the closure to falling sales.

It must have been an awful, emotion-filled decision for the owners to make, considering the rich history of the business and the staff involved.


Since it opened in 1925, Barry’s Bakery has been a Tralee institution and generations of townsfolk feasted on their confectionary.

This writer’s favourite sandwich since flared trousers were in style (the first time round!) was two thick-cut slices of a fresh Barry’s pan loaf, real butter, some home cooked ham from Der Sullivan’s Deli and a dash of brown sauce. Simple, but delicious. But, of course, everyone has their favourite.

Their ‘queen cakes’ were legendary but, judging from the sentiments expressed on social media over the past day, the vanilla slices were the most popular buns. Some of the online comments are filled with emotion and the term ‘end of an era’ is an understatement.

The bakery game has changed so much in recent years; every large supermarket now has their own in-house bakery, the decline of the rural shops and the emergence of small home-based confectionary businesses make it difficult for traditional bakeries now.

Barry’s Bakery will never be forgotten. Our best wishes go to the Barry family and the staff affected. Arán gan sárú indeed.

• It’s important to note that Barry’s shop, which is operated independently by extended family, is not affected and continues to trade on Rock Street serving the community.


  1. Michael Dunne says:

    Next time Im at home I will call to Rock Street for said bread. God knows if time and other circumstances permit, I will get some rings of Drisheen and bring them along with the bread to Dublin. Family can call to collect their respective rings and loaves.

  2. Jerry Bailey says:

    Barry’s Bakery will be missed. It was so much a part of my childhood growing up in Tralee. And the “vanillas” well what can I say ? My best wishes to all……

  3. Michael Dunne (another one!) says:

    Loved Barry’s and their buns were simply the best. I would mostly remember my teenage years in the 70s. Haven’t lived in Tralee for a long time now but I always compared other bakeries to Barry’s and none ever matched that Barry’s flavour.
    On any return visit to Tralee a stop-off in Barry’s was a must. As the news spreads among those of us no longer in Kerry, the closure is deeply regretted and almost everyone uses the phrase you used “end of an era”.
    I wonder is there any chance of a resurrection?