Low Pay Commission Invites Workers And Employers To Tralee Meeting

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THE Low Pay Commission is to meet in the Institute of Technology Tralee (North Campus) on March 14-15.

The meeting is an excellent opportunity for employees and employers to get across their perspective and views on the minimum wage.

The Commission, whose members include local woman Caroline McEnery of The HR Suite, adopts an evidence based approach when making its recommendations and wants to hear as many opinions as possible in order to get a truly balanced view.

The Commission would love to meet with employees who are on the minimum wage and employers who are paying minimum wage.

The Commission will be meeting with people from 7pm until 9pm on Wednesday, March 14 and 11am until 1pm on Thursday, March 15.

If anyone would like to book a time slot please email mary@thehrsuiteonline.com or call 066 7102887.

The Low Pay Commission was officially launched in February 2015.

The independent body was formed to advise the Government on the appropriate rate of the National Minimum Wage. The Low Pay Commission will examine the rate of the minimum wage on an annual basis.

The Commissioners takes an evidence based approach to the setting of the minimum wage. They examine existing data, commission new research if necessary and consult directly with workers and employers in order to decide on what the National Minimum Wage should be.

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