Out To Lunch: A Satisfying Salad On Denny Street

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imperial hotelThe Imperial Hotel

Denny Street

AFTER last week’s trip to Stoker’s Lodge, I decided to continue my ‘Tour-of-places-I-used-to-lunch-in-when-I-worked-for-The-Kerryman’ for this week’s review.

So I decided to pop into the Imperial Hotel on Thursday which used to be a hop, skip and a jump from my desk across the road.

I didn’t just go there for convenience – it was the place to go to get a good feed on a Monday to prepare for the long night ahead in the office.

The bottom part of the bar was packed when I arrived, which surprised me because the last few times I ate there I thought the place quiet.

O'Neill's Pharmacy Ad - FullThe clientele were made up of families, older people and office workers. In fact I struggled to see anyone under 30 who wasn’t accompanied by a parent.

It’s a shame really because the hotel has an extensive menu with a great selection of stir-frys, noodle, pasta, and curry dishes as well as chicken, fish and roast dishes, inventive wraps and ciabatta sandwiches.

I took my seat upstairs which is a featureless area compared to the bright and airy downstairs bar.

I ordered the ‘Spicy Beef Salad’ (€9.95) from the friendly waitress and waited…and waited. After 20 minutes the dish arrived and on first laying eyes on it thought it a bit mean for a tenner. I was wrong and it was worth the wait.

The beef, cut into thin strips and marinated in a delicious spicy sauce, was very plentiful and set on a bed of lettuce, chopped peppers, tomatoes and red onion. On top sat a mound of what I would call ‘spaghetti doritos’ which were tasty when mixed with the sauce. It was good and filling.

A cappuccino (sans cocoa sprinkles but with a complementary biscuit) finished off a meal that came to €10.80.


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