Out To Lunch: A Top Chop In Stylish Square Restaurant

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No.4 On The Square

The Square

No.4 On The SquareTHERE’S a bit of hustle and bustle about the town of late, as time starts to run out to grab those Christmas pressies.

Of course, a great part of all that shopping is taking a break and that’s where the town’s bars and restaurants come in.

One such place is No.4 On The Square and I called in for a bite to eat on Friday.

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While I haven’t had lunch there for about a year now, I was at No.4 a few months ago for an evening meal and it was excellent – the food, the decor, atmosphere and the amazing background music made for great night out.

There was a nice mix of young families, couples and small groups of ladies when I entered and managed to find a table in the corner.

Before even looking at the menu, the special of oven roasted hake caught my fancy on the blackboard. Alas, it was sold out,  but the friendly waitress guided me towards the marinated pork chop (€11.95) so I complied with her directions.

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While waiting for the dish, I had a look at the menu and it contains some delicious looking lunches, sandwiches and toasties to satisfy the hungry shopper.

The chop was big and juicy looking, placed on a bed of mash, with a sauce on the side and a mixture of carrots, parsnips and mushroom.

While pork chops are always a bit fatty, there was plenty meat on this one, tender and it tasted great.

The sauce was absolutely delicious, the mash was especially creamy and perfectly seasoned, while the veg were cooked to perfection.

I stayed on for a while to enjoy an Americano coffee before heading back to the hustle and bustle of work.

No.4 On The Square has both style and substance and is set for a very busy Christmas.


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