Out To Lunch (On Tour): A Touch Of Class At The Airport

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Cork International Hotel

Cork Airport

THERE was something soulless in the past about airport hotels that made you glad you weren’t staying very long.

They were normally a stop-gap for an early morning flight or somewhere to lay your head if the plane gets in late and you were too tired to drive home.

Bad food, dull decor, depressing. It was almost as if they were subsidised by the airlines to look bad to make you grateful you were escaping abroad.

Thankfully, the Cork International Hotel is different. My family and I had an early flight to the sun recently (not literally to the sun of course, that would be absurd…besides it’s off-season and you can’t get a cold pint there) and decided to stay in the hotel, which is just a stone’s throw from the airport.

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The International is a different animal altogether. It has a sumptuous lobby with comfy leather couches, eye-catching art and impressive decor. It’s family friendly too with a kids entertainment room on the first floor.

The rooms are modern, warm and spacious and then there’s those mad-looking, multi-coloured bathrooms off the lobby!

But this is a food review so let’s visit The New Yorker. The hotel bar/restaurant has a maître d’ to show you to your table in a really stylish space. The staff are mega-friendly and helpful while the menu is extensive – curries, fish, burgers, steak, pastas and pizzas etc.

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I had a very good sirloin steak, cooked to perfection (plenty blood!) while herself had a delicious burger. The fries and chunky chips were suitably crispy and spuddy (it’s a word!) respectively, the salads well-dressed and tasty while the small girl raved about her pasta. A delicious cheesecake and a coffee rounded off a great meal.

A week later – after a great holiday – we returned to the hotel to grab lunch before driving back to Kerry. This time I had the most amazing beef brisket sandwich with tomato, coleslaw served on Waterford blaa with French fries.

It was unbelievably good, if a bit messy. My wife’s Italian flatbread with Parma ham, tomato, spinach pesto, rocket, grated Parmesan cheese got a similar thumbs-up while fries and chicken gougons were devoured by the little one.

For food or an overnight stay I couldn’t recommend this hotel enough. The cost of our visit for two adults and a child, 8 nights parking and a very good breakfast was €119. A steal.

4.5/5 (for the food and accommodation combo)

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  1. Bernadette Slattery says:

    As a lone traveller..I decided to book into the Cork Airport Hotel .. as my flight was leaving at 6.30 am and as I was travelling from Kerry..I thought it was the better option to travel up to Shannon the night before and relax at the hotel ..knowing I was only a few steps from the airport! From the moment I arrived at the hotel..it was sheer Bliss. Very welcoming Receptionist..comfortable room with high powered shower.. food was scrumptious..it had the homemade burger. Bar staff friendly..all in all.. it was a great start to my holiday. OK I had to pay €114 for the night which included 8 nights parking.. for just myself.. but I’d do it again for peace of mind..relaxation and a super comfy bed! Also I was able to grab a coffee and croissant in the lobby at 4m before my flight.