Mary O’Donnell: A Vital Product For Sensitive Skin

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Mary O'Donnell

Mary O’Donnell

THREE years ago I went on my first press trip to the south of France which is the home of Avene skincare.

Avene is a small town in the South of France where they have a naturally occurring spring known for its healing powers.

At one time, only the rich and famous could avail of this spa but now the Hydrotherapy clinic is visited by over 400 people daily. Over the years Avene products have been used by people with sensitive skin in particular psoriasis and eczema.

CleananceNow Avene have introduced a new range called Cleanance for people who suffer with acne prone skin.  Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston enjoy the benefits of Avene and more recently all the Victoria’s Secrets Models are keeping the Avene Eau Thermale water close to hand.

I have been a fan of Avene ever since.  A recent survey showed that 66% of Irish adult women say they are still suffering from acne. This can be quite frustrating as it is seen as a teenage condition.

Some 79% of acne sufferers are feeling unattractive because of it and the impact it has on self confidence.

The range has two cleaners, a cleanance which foams up but does not contain any soap. This can also be used on chests and backs.

The micellar water is the second cleanser and is ideal for removing eye make up also.

It is parben and alcohol-free. The toner will tighten pores and helps regulate sebum.

The cleanance expert is the moisturiser and is the next generation of skincare. It eliminates spots, blackheads and blemishes.

This range can be used by any age who suffers with acne. There will be a 33% reduction of sebum which is one of the major causes of acne but mostly it will be gentle on your skin and not dry it out.

While other products for acne are harsh and the skin retaliates by producing even more oil, cleanance expert will just regulate the sebum and be kind and gentle just what the skin needs.

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