Mary O’Donnell: Good Nail Maintenance Nailed Down

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Mary O'Donnell

Mary O’Donnell

MY advice for nails for years has gone like this – keep three hand creams.

One for work, one for the car and one for home. Cuticle oil applied every evening, almond oil is a favourite of mine.

If the nails have ridges use a buffer. File the nails from side to center. Use a good nail hardener like Sally Hansen or Neostrata. A great nail buffer new to the market is Emjoi micro nails. If the nails are still weak, a good supplement like Imodeen work wonders.

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Recently I received a lot of calls looking for a nail technician as there was no appointments for gel nails in a certain salon in Tralee until after Christmas.

My feelings of false nails were that your own natural nails cannot grow strong if they are covered, but my thoughts and views came from acrylic nails days, this was a very strong covering over the nails.

The natural nails were buffed and the acrylic was stuck on with a  strong glue.

If they broke they could be very painful. When they were removed they were paper thin, so I decided to find out more about these popular gel nails.

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I caught up with Inga of Inga nails in Sean Taffee hair and beauty in Tralee and Killarney. She explained gel nails were a lot kinder to the nails and while your nails would be no stronger, they would be no weaker.

Inga has been a nail technician for eight years and can do any type of nail art you could ask for. The gel nails take two hours and as a results of the huge demand for Christmas, Inga has employed extra staff to cope with the demand.

Inga recommends the three week manicure for nails if your own nails were in good condition and the gels if  you wanted a longer length. A gel like substance is built up on your own nails and set in a lamp.

Colour is picked and then design. This will last for three weeks and then it is back for a refill. Inga explained what happens a lot is that people try to remove the nails themselves and by doing so they damage their own nails.

Pulling of picking of the gels is not recommended and if the nails are irritating you, pop back to the salon to have them professionally removed.

Once the gels are done, they are perfect for three weeks.

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