Mary O’Donnell: Why I’m Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Contouring

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Mary O'Donnell

I DON’T know much about Kim Kardashian apart from the fact she had no sense of direction when naming her child ( North west).

This woman has made my life a misery as everyday I get asked can you explain contouring like Kim does.

When I was doing my training, I considered highlighting and contouring old fashioned as foundation quality had improved so much. I felt there was very little need unless there was a major issue.

Then along came a therapist I worked with and she insisted on contouring everyone, but took ages to do a make-up and every wedding party we had ran late because she was obsessed about it and many a Saturday morning.

I cursed her and her contouring.

Today it is the big new trend in flawless make-up and the principal is simple; highlight your good bits and Contour or shade your not so good bits.

If that answer solved people’s question I would be elected, but alas the application is complicated – a bit like colour by numbers and if not done properly can look dirty and not reflect the time that goes into it.

So let’s simplify it and you can party like you were photoshopped. To start we need good brushes like Blank Canvas and a blender sponge.

Apply foundation as normal and highlight under eyes, down the centre ot the nose and in the middle of your forehead, under the cheekbones, centre of chin.

Contour around the hairline, the cheekbones, sides of nose and below the jawline, not on the bone itself as we want to create an illusion.

Next step is blending with your blender sponge and this does take time, the final step is a light dusting of translucent powder and voila, a chiseled face.

Kim has also some good beauty tips – she only washes her hair (mind you I’d say she she does very little washing herself) every second day to avoid her hair drying out and recommends a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

She is a strong believer in taking her make up off every night to avoid both breakouts and wrinkles. Her top tip is to dust translucent powder under your eyes before eye make up as if some shadow goes on your face, it is easy to dust away with powder.

This business woman has launched her make-up range and I really like it, as it is both price-friendly and very good quality.

My favourites include her kardazzle eye palatte and the Honey pot lip conditioner and the mascarra is excellent for length.

So give the contouring a go and if you come across diffficulties, contact me and I will do everthing in my power to steer you in the right direction.

John Frieda have brought out a new range for fine, flat hair to give your locks a full-bodied, salon quality style.

The range has shampoo, conditioner and volume refresh shampoo, which is to revive volume when applied to roots and brushed through.

Ideal for inbetween shampoos because it absorbs excess oil and gives hair great volume all day long and it is only €6.31.

The root booster gives serious volume and it feels natural and totally touchable.
So go forth and become a contour Queen.

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