Mary O’Donnell: Joanne’s ‘Can Do’ Attitude Makes Kinvara Special

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Mary O'Donnell

ON Tuesday I am showcasing  Kinvara on RTE from the coastal town that bears its name in Galway.

Dr. Joanne O’Reilly is the brains behind the natural skincare range.

Joanne’s professional background lies in science, specifically the ecology and conservation of the Asian elephant in Indonesia – Joanne loves elephants!

She has additional postgraduate qualifications in community development and continual professional development in cosmetic formulation.

Couple her creativity and love of a challenge with a fierce ‘I can do that’ attitude and you have a potent combination!

When applied to Kinvara skincare this driving force has resulted in a company that is prepared to challenge the conventional beauty messages and deliver products that make women feel good about themselves from purchase to use.

Of utmost importance to Joanne is that whatever she does makes a difference in her life and the lives of others.

She has seen firsthand the damage of environmental and social mismanagement and these experiences reinforce her commitment to sustainable practices in all aspects of Kinvara Skincare.

There are three products in capsule collection and three more products will be launched next summer.

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