Mary O’Donnell: Stay In The Shades This Summer

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Mary’s perfect sunglasses!

IT is that time of year when sunglasses are needed for soaking up the sun on the beach.

They protect our eyes , help prevent crows feet and look good also. When looking for the perfect one, here are some tips.

Sunglasses should not pinch or be too tight and equally should not slip down your nose. Lightweight styles are perfect and should feel light and airy.

Think where you will be wearing them most, if for sports opt for a sporty design. Wraparound sunglasses are perfect for sport as they prevent dust getting your eyes.

Go for green, brown or grey lens colours as they provide undistorted vision. Look for 100 percent UV protection to protect the delicate eye area.

I took myself of to CH Chemist to ask about the correct sunglasses for face shape as I think we all go for a look we like, maybe more than what really suits our face.

Oval: Go for rectangular frames, as they will make face appear wider.A semi-rimless pair will work best.Avoid round frames, as they will diminish your features.

Rectangular: Try a vintage style in a medium size. Too big will shrink your face, too small and it will enlarge it.

Round: Choose frames that give your face structure and definition. Avoid thick frames and circular shapes, as these will make your face look large.Opt for rectangular style with a narrow frame.

Square: Go for oval or round frames.Thicker frames will work as they will give definition to cheekbones.

Triangular: Rectangular frames will compliment a triangular face shape. A butterfly frame with a soft gradient will create a feminine shape.

Heart: Heart faced shapes already have a lot of natural definition, so your frames should bring out your jawline and cheekbones. Achieve this with oval or square frames, thick, geometric frames, or cat’s eyes.

I have a heart -shaped face and never in a million years would I go for cat eyes glasses, Claire Harty recommend this shape for me and the professional knew her stuff. They were the perfect glasses for me.

As we age, look out also for the weight of the frames and saddle bridges. Saddle bridges spread the weight of the frame across the tops and sides of nose and this prevents lasting marks.

Colour is also very important. Pale skin tones can be complemented by warm tones of purple or red. Darker skin tones opt for cooler tones. So go the opposite of your face shape and skin tone.

Don’t forget the smallies also need sunglasses to protect their little eyes. Go for durability and a style they like as they will be more likely to wear them.

Trends for 2014 are colour, strong primary hues are big this season. Blue like sea tones of aqua and azure are very popular. Purple is also very in with contrasted warm browns and chocolate. Vintage style is also bang on trend this season. I had great fun trying on many styles, my favourites were Maui Jim Makaha and Aloha shades.

So my last piece of advice is don’t be like me, find the perfect frame, the perfect colour and feel these are perfect. Then on the first day of holidays take the kids to an adventure park, go on a water ride and with the first splash, my glasses disappeared into the deep blue sea!

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