Mary O’Donnell: Take Care Of Your Skin This Christmas

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Mary O’Donnell

CHRISTMAS can wreak havoc on your skin, late nights, excess of everything  and the temptation to fall into bed without the last and most important skin regime.

So first piece of advice over the party season is no matter how tempted you are after a night out, please make sure to take your make up off as your skin will not recover over a prolonged period of partying.

Tip 1: Use a pre-cleansing oil like Kinvara Skincare. Also Human+Kind All Natural Skincare do a lovely one which comes with a cleansing cloth also. Apply the oil, wring the cloth in warm water – this will remove stubborn make up.

Tip 2: Getting rid of stubborn heavy duty mascara, I suggest drenching a Q Tip in eye make up remover, gently roll along the lashes to remove the main residue and then gently wipe with a moistened cotton pad to remove the remainder.

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If you had one or two or more late nights with more to come here’s a little treat to help get you by…

Step 1 Run yourself a nice bath (remember not too warm) – add a few drops of essential oils to revitalise your body
Step 2 Before you get in to the bath apply your favourite face mask
Step 3 Relax for 15 to 20 mins in the bath
Step 4 After removing the ask put on a little extra moisturiser
Step 5 Keep your skin make up free for at least 2 hours

On the subject of home beauty tips, everyone’s favourite Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, swears by using mayonnaise to conditioner her hair.

Your crowning glory can look more like a crown of thorms after lots of product, back combing, pulling and dragging so give it a treat.

To make up the mixture – mix 4 large tablespoons of Mayonnaise (it’s the protein from the egg in the mayonnaise that conditions the hair) with 3 teaspoons of olive oil.

Apply generously to dry hair, wrap in a hot towel, leave for 30 minutes, shampoo and condition as normal.

And how about your feet… keep them feeling and looking good over the festive season.

Time for strappy sandals is also time for a product such asEmjoi MICRO Pedi Ireland. Also a good foot cream is advisable. Don’t forget to paint your toes a nice bright colour and keep a pair of party feet in your bag.

Treat your feet to a home pedicure over the hols as well.

1. Get two bowls of warm water ready – add a little almond oil (available in health food stores and some supermarkets.

2. Put on your cuticle cream and massage gently into the cuticles – Pixy Natural do a fantastic cuticle cream.

3. Soak your feet in the warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, remove and pat dry pushing back the cuticles gently.

4. With an orange wood stick – wrap the tip in a little cotton wool (just like a candy floss!) – very gently push back the cuticle to remove and dead skin.

5. Apply your foot cream and massage the knuckles working toward the heart the whole time to get the circulation going.

6. get your towel and wipe over the nails to avoid any oil residue.

7. File nails making sure to go in one direction as not to damage the nail.

8. Apply your base coat or hardener.

9. Apply colour of your choice

10. Finish with a top coat.

If you have a foot spa at home that would really help!

The best product to survive the Christmas period in my opinion is a Brow Kit as having perfectly shaped and tinted brows is like having a mini facelift.

Also a nice bright lipstick is essential. Make sure to outline first. Applying bright colour helps to make you look young.

For a product that will give your face a glowing radiant finish in the morning after a late night I suggest Clarins Beauty Flash Balm…it’s an iconic product that helps to make up, beautywise, for lack of sleep the night before. This Works have a Midnight Cream which also has a similar effect.

To cover up dark circles under eyes and tired eyes over the Christmas period here are somde tips and products.

After a night out the following day pick up your Eau Thermale Avène from the fridge – soak 2 cotton wool pads it put over your eyes and relax for 10 minutes.

This will take the bloodshot look out of your eyes. The best under eye concealer, in my opinion, is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat followed by Clarins under eye concealer.

Remember to highlight under the brow bone and create a triangle near the tear duct of either white or cream shimmer. This will make the eyes pop!

Many people during Christmas find Spots appearing – usually due to the increase in sugar (and alcohol) intake.

My advice is to keep that skin hydrated. If you’ve had a few drinks the night before increase your water intake the following day.  However if you need to cover up or treat some spots on the face over the Christmas period here are some tried a d tested suggestions.

Vichy Hyla Spot takes down inflammation and helps heal at the same time – it’s like putting a band aid over the spot. Also NeoStrata IRE Spot Treatment gel is fantastic and works wonders to dry up and make spots disappear To cover up afterwards just use a good concealer – Boots Ireland No 7 skin match concealer matches the concealer to your skin colour.

Don’t leave leave false eyelashes on overnight … It’s not something I would advise as it can weaken your own eyelashes and it can weaken your eyelids.

There has been an increase demand from people who regularly wear false eyelashes for eyelash replacements. It only takes a couple of seconds to remove them so do yourself a favour and remember to take them off!

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