Mary’s ‘Craig David’ Story Wins Her VIP Tickets To ‘The Graham Norton Show’

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Mary McQuinn from Tralee has won VIP tickets to The Graham Norton Show.

A TRALEE woman is off to London to attend a recording of the star-studded Graham Norton Show on BBC after winning a competition for two VIP tickets.

Well known Austin Stacks woman, Mary McQuinn, entered a Supervalu Ireland Facebook Competition where participants were asked for their ‘Red Chair’ stories in order to win the tickets.

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For the initiated, the ‘Red Chair’ segment of the Graham Norton Show is where members of the studio audience tell an anecdote on the aforementioned chair and if the host or his guests don’t like the story, they get chucked off unceremoniously by Graham pulling a lever.

Well Mary must have impressed the people at Supervalu with her story about Craig David (below) because she was deemed the winner of the tickets which include flights, accommodation and backstage passes.

We’re incredibly envious here at Have a great time Mary!

Here’s Mary’s winning story (below)…



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